3D Cruise Ship Puzzle [Video]

Here at Ship Mate, we love everything cruise related, so when I saw a 3D Cruise Ship Puzzle, I was all over it. It’s probably been over a decade since I last built a puzzle… and I hadn’t even known 3D puzzles existed until I came across this thing.

3d cruise ship puzzle on desk

I think I first found the item on Groupon. It was one of those Sundays when you’re hungover and looking to buy things you don’t need on the Internet, My expectations were pretty low given it was less than $15. And, when I got the 3D cruise ship puzzle in the mail, it came in a box no taller than a dime’s length. So, I was additionally skeptical.

But, once I started building, it was actually really fun. And, surprisingly challenging for an amateur puzzler and a virgin 3D puzzle person.

Originally, I’d planned to build it just to show our Ship Mate community. I was thinking afterward, I might float in the pool and shoot it with a BB gun until it sunk. But, fortunately or unfortunately, I really liked it once done. I now have it proudly displayed on my desk as seen in the pic above.

If you know someone that loves cruises and puzzles, there’s no better gift! It’s relatively cheap, is lots of fun to build, and serves as a really neat decoration once done. I wish I had a mantle to serve as its new home, but I don’t. I’m almost considering building one, just to proudly display my new 3D puzzle masterpiece.

Building my 3D Cruise Ship Puzzle [Video]

If you build one, please take a picture for us once it’s done and post it to our Ship Mate Facebook Page!  We’d love to see how it came out and where that is displayed.

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