12 Best Cruise Photos from our Users [October 2016]

Every day hundreds of cruise photos are uploaded by our amazing Ship Mate Community. Some are spectacular, like those seen below. Others are… umm.. interesting. But, all are appreciated!

From these thousands of cruise photos, we find those most upvoted by you. Those that get the most “likes” are shown below as the best of this past period.

We hope that you enjoy these! Please keep sending your amazing photos in our User Gallery in the Ship Mate Cruise App.
sand from the beaches i've been

“Sand from the beaches I’ve been”

– by Ship Mate user:  jenn910

We’re jealous of jenn910’s travels! She’s been to some amazing port beach destinations and has the sand to prove it. Although, i guess she could have gone outside to different parts of her back lawn for these. But, we’re confident that she’s not faking her beach sands. Also, it looks like jenn910 cruises pretty often. Amber Cove is a fairly new port and it looks like she’s visited several since then! In addition to app developers, we’re also forensic experts in matters relating to port activity. All clear here – move along.

bridgetown barbados - ship mate cruise app

“Bridgetown, Barbados”

– by Ship Mate user:  henderm

This amazing photo taken in Barbados is one of our favorites. We’re not sure whether to be impressed with or nervous for ship mate user, henderm. We’re impressed because we’ve never seen someone get so intimate with a turtle. But a little nervous because that turtle has a pretty serious “mean mug” going. That’s their world down there. We don’t know what we’re doing and who knows what kind of tricks those things have up their shell.

P.S. – how beautiful is Barbados?  For cruise prices to Barbados, check out the cruise price widget below.

cruise sunset - ship mate cruise photo

“Coming back shot from balcony”

– by Ship Mate user:  cochize2000

This is one of those shots that really makes you want to cruise. We’ve all been there – the sun is setting and you have your favorite drink in hand. Your feet are up on your balcony railing and you’ve had an amazing day at port, hanging out with sea turtles and collecting beach sand for your show-off-mason-jar. With each passing moment, the view gets even more prettier than you could have imagined. Smell that salt air. Taste that mai tai. I love cruising.

Allure of the Seas overhead - ship mate cruise photo

“Allure of the Seas by plane”

– by Ship Mate user:  anonymous

The Allure of the Seas is so big, that you have to see it by plane. This user was considering sailing her, but wanted to first see what he was getting into. So he bought a few flights from Miami to Fort Lauderdale (so he could see both sides) and caught the bird’s eye view. We’re glad that he shared that view with us, the Ship Mate community.

Since it was submitted anonymously, we’re not really sure that the above story is true, but we’re pretty confident that’s the case.

renaissance island - ship mate cruise photo

“Renaissance Island”

– by Ship Mate user:  yankandbrit

Ship Mate user, yankandbrit, and user henderm (from above) should talk. They share a valuable knack for getting uncomfortably close to wild animals. We’re expecting a call soon from National Geographic, looking for their contact information. Holler, NatGeo.

aruba - ship mate cruise photo


– by Ship Mate user:  anonymous

This is one of those photos in which you have to wonder if it’s been photoshopped or ripped off from one of those corny stock image sites. It’s just too good. We’ve been living a long time, and have never seen the moon look like that. And, with the cruise ship in the vista sailing into the massive, cheese-looking moon? Come on. We hope it’s real. If photoshopped, please add a dolphin doing a flip in the distance and re-submit.

oasis of the seas - ship mate cruise photo

“Oasis of the Seas”

– by Ship Mate user:  twangster

The Oasis of the Seas is tough to describe. It’s one of the largest and most expensive ships that has ever been built. But, somehow doesn’t seem too big and “over the top.” This photo does it partial justice. Though, you really have to see it in person to understand how amazing it is. It used to be crazy expensive to sail when the ship was first launched, but prices are starting to get reasonable. Check out the pricing widget below to see for yourself.

dog sledding - ship mate cruise photo

“Dog sledding!!!”

– by Ship Mate user:  afahey

We’re more of the jet-ski type. But, this would be a pretty awesome experience. The one fear is that we’re not really dog-people. We’re afraid that they’d know. And so they’d take us to some desolate Alaskan corner. We’d miss our ship and have to live in an igloo. We’d eventually learn to love those dogs because they’d be our only friends. Eventually they’d return us to the port to catch another ship back home. We’d have aged six years and earned a deep appreciation for dogs… and penguins.

flipping for a cruise - ship mate cruise photo

“I’m flipping for a cruise”

– by Ship Mate user:  cfussnecker

This must have been some seriously rocky seas. Everyone else on the ship is buckled down in their staterooms. And here is ship mate user, cfussnecker battling the harsh seas in hopes of one more game of shuffleboard. We’re fortunate that she had an equally brave cameraman follower her when that last wave hit. Seriously, though, this is a really cool pic. Nice moves, cfussnecker!

marathon florida - ship mate cruise photo

“Marathon, Florida”

– by Ship Mate user:  anonymous

This is from our User Gallery – Storm Chasing section of the app. DISCLAIMER: our lawyers are forcing us to ask that you stop chasing waterspouts, tornadoes, hurricanes, hippos, etc to capture these amazing photos. They’ve also made us get rid of our User Gallery – Storm Chasing section of the app.

regal princess seawalk - ship mate cruise photo

“Regal Princess – Seawalk”

– by Ship Mate user:  appm

Here at Ship Mate, we like our floors see-through and our windows blacked out. That’s why this cool pic made the list of best cruise photos for October 2016. To one-up this new feature, we think their next ship should allow fishing through these seawalk-holes.



– by Ship Mate user:  mictay

We’d like to thank user mictay for this daredevil shot. We’d also like to thank the  crew for allowing her to use the ship’s anchor to get this wonderful pic. We request that next time, however, she lay off the mai tais so we can straighten it out a bit.

If the above cruise pics have made you want to cruise, then here’s a pricing widget that you can use to check out your options.


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