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Best Travel Blogs & Social Media Pages – Top 9

BloggerBecoming a successful online presence is simple, right?  You can build a blog, Facebook account, Twitter feed, and Pinterest page within hours… no prob.  Then, you write those three or four blog posts you’ve been sitting on for months… your trip to the Greece when your baggage got lost… the time you hiked Mt St Helen and “found yourself”… the deep-sea fishing trip when you puked.  Next, you sit back and wait for the traffic to come pouring in.  You check your blog comments every 20 minutes and become obsessed with Google Analytics.   “WTF… why am I not a famous author yet?!?”

Travel Blog SearchI’m sure you’re a very interesting and witty human.  But, it’s going to take much more to build a successful online presence.  Unless you’re McJagger’s kid, or sleep with Sergey Brin, getting found online is a massive uphill battle… way worse than your Mt St Helen trip.

It can be done, however!  Any Matt, Johnny, or Earl (all noted below) can get there.

We’ve chosen to highlight 9 exceptional travel bloggers that have achieved success online.  Each has a unique writing style and obvious love for Travel.  They’ve each amassed a significant social following, as noted below.

These aren’t necessarily in order of our favorites.  We found the Top 9, then sorted them by their social clout.

We’ve purposely excluded large, corporate travel entities from our Best Travel Blogs list, like Conde Nast or Gadling.  These giants automatically accumulate followers based on their brand awareness and marketing dollars.  Whereas, our chosen 9 Travel Writers are their own brand.

best travel pages on facebookPlease check out each and find those that attract you most.  Some are more humorous, more artistic, deeper, etc.  But, everyone should be able to find one or two that will truly get them excited to explore this world!

We’ve also included a few examples of the social media posts you can expect when you decide to follow these individuals.

#1 Everything Everywhere


Best Travel Blogs

In 2007, Gary Arndt sold his house and has been traveling the world ever since. Having visited all 7 continents and over 130 countries, it’s safe to say that this guy gets around (sorry).  That’s a pretty impressive feet for a guy who rarely traveled growing up in Wisconsin – he hadn’t even seen salt water until the age of 21.

When Gary turned in the keys to his house, he assumed he’d be be traveling for the next year… maybe two.  Six years later, he’s still exploring the world.  I’m not sure what he’s looking for, but he’s definitely found his way into our best travel blogs!

Some of Gary’s endearing (some might say peculiar) characteristics:

  • He has one of the world’s largest National Geographic collections
  • He’s the proud owner of 3 dimples (not asking where)
  • He has a Ham Radio license
  • Dude is pretty smart (triple major in Math, Poli-Sci, and Econ)

Gary is also a self-taught photographer and almost all of the imagery you will come across in his blog are taken by him.

Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll get following Gary and Everything Everywhere.

Everything Everywhere Facebook

Click to follow Everything Everywhere on his site, Facebook or Twitter.

Everything Everywhere Facebook Everything Everywhere Home @EverywhereTrip

#2 Nomadic Matt

Nomadic Matt Home Page

Meet Matt. His blog, Nomadic Matt, provides cost effective solutions to your travels needs.  He dispels the myth that traveling has to be super expensive. He was originally inspired by a group of backpackers he met in Thailand.  They showed him the art of traveling on the cheap.  Matt wants to share this philosophy with others, hence the blog. 

To get to know Matt better, here’s some fun facts:

  • Matt loves airports, but hates flying
  • As a kid, Matt was obsessed with the cartoon, Pinky and the Brain
  • He passionately engages in politics
  • Matt has been to over 30 Dave Matthews concerts

Here’s a little peek behind the curtains of Matt’s Facebook page and evidence of his position in our 9 Best Travel Blogs.

nomadic matt facebook

Matt has a huge following on both Twitter and Facebook.  To access his pages, you can use the following:

Nomadic Matt Facebook PageNomadic Matt HomepageNomadic Matt Twitter

#3 The Planet D

The Planet D


The theme for “The Planet D” is, “adventure is for anyone” – you don’t have to be overly wealthy, athletic, or crazy to explore the far reaches of Earth.  Another informal theme that we found lovely and plucked from their bio is, “ordinary people can live extraordinary lives.”

Dave and Deb have been married for 14 years and love spending time with each other.  The two had attempted to work together in a number of different capacities throughout their early relationship.  They eventually found competitive cycling as a means to kick-start their travel duo adventures.  The pair successfully competed in the Tour de’Afrique, and used this as a springboard to launch their blog.

Here are some interesting facts about Dave and Deb.

  • They originally wanted to become famous musicians
  • Dave worked as a crew member on films like The Incredible Hulk and X-Men
  • They’ve explored Antarctica by Kayak
  • When asked when they’ll have had enough, their answer is, “never”

They’re entertaining Facebook page made it even easier to include them in our list of Best Travel Blogs. There you’ll find posts such as these seen below.

ThePlanetD facebook


To follow The Planet D on Facebook, Twitter, or RSS, click below.

The Planet D FB PageThe Planet D RSSThe Planet D Twitter

#4  Johnny Jet

Johnny Jet Home Page

Johnny epitomizes what it takes to be a successful travel publisher.  Rather than attempting to create content and jam it down readers inboxes, he had people requesting this information from him.  Originally, he started helping his buddies become more efficient travelers, through pointers like calling specific phone-numbers to earn “double miles.”  He then created an email list to help distribute his helpful tips.  Eventually he had strangers asking to join.  To keep up with the demand, he created his web site.  He’s an easy choice for a spot in our Best Travel Blogs list.

The purpose of his site is to help others travel “economically, comfortably, efficiently, and with plenty of style”

Here are some interesting tidbits about Johnny.

  • Johnny has traveled 150k miles/yr for the last 10 years
  • He’s been featured on CNN, Fox, MSNBC, Forbes and others
  • Johnny hated flying until his first-class experience flying to Hong Kong
  • Johnny once dated a legitimate princess

If you follow Johnny’s Facebook page, here’s a little sample of what you’ll get.

Johnny Jet Facebook


To follow Johnny Jet on Facebook, Twitter or RSS, you can click below.

Johnny Jet FB PageJohnny Jet RSS Johnny Jet Twitter

#5 – Journey Woman


Journey Woman Home Page

Journey Woman creator, Evelyn Hannon, has an interesting travel niche carved out.  She targets the solo-woman traveler and provides tips that are both practical and emotionally charged.  Like other travel bloggers, her love for exploration was born from a single trip.  Roughly 30 years ago, Evelyn booked a five-week trip shortly after going through a divorce with her husband of many years.  Her travels included a roller coaster of emotions and helped her move on with her life.

The trip also kick-started one of the best travel blogs we’ve seen – Journey Woman.  You’ll find a wealth of information, including posts like.

  • Traveling Solo in Paris
  • Safety Tips for Woman Joggers
  • Sex with Strangers While Traveling
  • Dining Solo in the Big Apple
  • She’s so Very Subway Savvy

On Evelyn Hannon’s Facebook page, you’ll find posts such as these below.

Journey Woman Facebook

To access Evelyn Hannon’s Journey Woman site, Facebook and Twitter platforms, click below.

Journey Woman FacebookJourney Woman RSSJourney Woman Twitter

#6 – Wandering Earl

Wandering Earl

You can tell that Earl is a great guy from his writing.  He has a distinct view of traveling when compared to others.  Many people travel to see specific attractions – not Earl.  For him, the most important piece is the human interaction. “The idea is to explore not only countries, but cultures.”  His passion and fun writing style make him an easy choice for our 9 Best Travel Blogs.

Earl’s love of travel began in 1999 when he landed in Southeast Asia for a three-month, post-graduation trip.  He never came home and has since visited 70 countries.

Here are some interesting facts about Earl.

  • His first name is actually Derrick
  • He was placed on the US Terror Watch List
  • Earl has an afro
  • He was involved in a two-day kidnapping
  • He has very flat feet

Wandering Earl Facebook

If you’d like to subscribe to Earl’s Facebook, Twitter or RSS page, click any or all of the following.

Wandering Earl Facebook PageWandering Earl RSSWandering Earl Twitter

#7 – My Itchy Travel Feet


Itchy Travel Feet

There seems to be a travel blog for every niche, and the 60+ age-group is no exception. My Itchy Travel Feet is “the baby boomers guide to travel.” It’s constantly inspiring boomers to get up off the couch and go exploring, using the latest travel advice, destination information and active travel ideas.

Donna L. Hull and Alan Hull travel the world recording their experiences with words, photos and videos so that boomers will know exactly what to expect on their next trip.

My Itchy Travel Feet was launched to help the pair keep in touch with friends and family while on a 42-day cruise in 2006.  Donna started an online travel journal that eventually started attracting others outside of her immediate circle.  Seven years later she has amassed a huge following and one of the best travel blogs we’ve been fortunate enough to come across.

Posts topics include the following.

  • Bucket List Trips
  • Boomer Travel Resources
  • 25 Adventures that you can do
  • Off the Beaten Path Travel

Following their social media sites, you’ll find posts such as follows.

My Itchy Travel Feet

To subscribe to their RSS, or to follow My Itchy Travel Feet on Facebook or Twitter, check this out.

My Itchy Travel Feet Facebook PageMy Itchy Travel Feet RSSMy Itchy Travel Feet Twitter

#8 – The Everywhereist


This is a personal favorite.  Geraldine’s blog, The Everywhereist was started after she was laid-off from her previous job. Her husband frequently traveled for work – she started accompanying him on his travels and blogging about the experiences the two would share.  She describes The Everywhereist as “a travel blog. But at its core, it’s a love letter to my husband. A big, long, cuss-filled love letter. The kind he’d appreciate. The only kind I’m able to write.”

It’s obvious that Geraldine was a copywriter in her pre-Everywhereist life.  Her style of writing is entertaining in its own right.  When applied to topics like the following, it makes for a great blog.

  • Ambiguous Taxidermy in Bavaria
  • WTF Weds: Pop Tarts in France
  • Superfluous Travel Item I Need (Kinda): Pajama Jeans
  • Naughty Thoughts in Italy

As a side-note, we’re also big fans of her husband, and SEO guru, Rand Fishkin!

When you follow The Everywhereist on Facebook, you’ll see posts like the following.

The Everywhereist Facebook

To follow Geraldine and The Everywhereist on Facebook, Twitter and RSS, click below.

The Everywhereist Facebook PageThe Everywhereist RSSEverywhereist Twitter

#9 – The Vacation Girls

Vacation Gals

The Vacation Gals are spread out between the Twin Cities, Southern California, and Colorado.  All are mothers and combined, they still manage to make roughly 36 trips per year for business or pleasure!  But, don’t think that their blog is purely about traveling with young children.  The ladies also enjoy blogging about their romantic getaways with spouses and girls-only vacations with their besties.  And, our favorite topic… cruises.  We really enjoy their breadth of topics, which is why we’ve included them in our Best Travel Blogs list.

Topics you’ll find on their site include titles like:

  • Vegas Weekend with the Kids
  • Top 5 Tips for a Romantic Weekend Getaway
  • 5 Tips for a Ski Getaway with Girlfriends
  • Cruise Ship Health and Safety Tips

Follow The Vacation Gals on Facebook and Twitter to see updates like that posted below.

The Vacation Gals Facebook

Click on any of the following to follow The Vacation Gals as they travel the world.

The Vacation Gals FacebookVacation Gals RSSVacation Gals Twitter

Which is your favorite??

Tell us which travel blogger mentioned above you’re most interested in.  Also, if we’ve missed your favorite, feel free to mention them below.

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  2. Journeywoman is my fav….Evelyn provides a wealth of travel tips and ideas EVERY month!!!! This is a site that is just amazing!

  3. Wow! Thanks so much for including us in this amazing list of people. All are our favourites too! We were offline while in Greenland just saw this now so we are late to the party. All the best, cheers.

  4. PS, so glad you like our facebook page, we have so much fun on it and love hearing from our readers and their travels. There are so many interesting people out there! 🙂

  5. It’s nice to find new travel bloggers to follow but would be more nicer to read about “fresh” faces:) Many of travel bloggers on the list already quite known, you can find them mentioned in other people posts already for 1 maybe 2 years. I believe that people already find them in any case:) But new travel bloggers to see in the list – would be much more interesting 🙂 (at least for me:))

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