Carnival Ships by Age – Oldest to Newest [infograph]

Carnival Cruise Ships by Year Built & Dry Docked

Do you want the newest carnival ship, or do you prefer one with a few hundred thousand miles under its hull? There’s something to be said about the bells and whistles that come with a new vessel. But, others prefer the nostalgia and character of the older Carnival ships.

Another factor to consider when comparing Carnival Ships by Age, is the year it had its last dry dock. The term “dry dock” refers to the renovation period during which the ship has significant renovations completed. With some of these refurbishments, the ships come out looking brand new. The cruise lines have been known to spend tens, if not hundreds of millions of dollars bringing these ships to the status of their much younger contemporaries.

We’ll let you decide on the Carnival Ship Age that’s right for you. In the following infograph, we’ve made it as easy as possible to visualize your Carnival Ship’s age versus the rest of the Fleet. We’ve also included a schedule of when each ship came out of Dry Dock. If you have a strong preference of New vs. Old, you can refer to this chart and make sure you’re picking the Carnival Cruise Ship that’s right for you!

Carnival Ships by Age & Dry Dock (Renovation)

Carnival Ships by Age 2017

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Newest Carnival Ship 2018 – Carnival Vista

As you can see, the newest Carnival Cruise Ship will be coming out in 2018. It’s called the Carnival Horizon and debuts in March, 2018. You can check out its many impressive features, photos and itineraries in our Ship Mate Cruise App using the download link below. The Horizon will spend the Spring in the Mediterranean then come to the U.S. in the Summer. The brand new ship will be based out of New York City throughout the summer then head south to Miami where she’ll call home.

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Carnival Cruise App
And if you’re not one for beautiful, colored infographs, here are those Carnival Ships by Age laid out in a much more boringly consumable fashion.

Carnival Ships by Age

  • 2018:  Carnival Horizon
  • 2016:  Carnival Vista
  • 2012:  Carnival Breeze
  • 2011:  Carnival Magic
  • 2009:  Carnival Dream
  • 2008:  Carnival Splendor
  • 2007:  Carnival Freedom
  • 2005:  Carnival Liberty
  • 2004:  Carnival Valor
  • 2004:  Carnival Miracle
  • 2003:  Carnival Glory
  • 2002:  Carnival Conquest
  • 2002:  Carnival Legend
  • 2002:  Carnival Pride
  • 2001:  Carnival Spirit
  • 2000:  Carnival Victory
  • 1999:  Carnival Triumph
  • 1998:  Carnival Elation
  • 1998:  Carnival Paradise
  • 1996:  Carnival Inspiration
  • 1996:  Carnival Destiny / Sunshine
  • 1995:  Carnival Imagination
  • 1994:  Carnival Fascination
  • 1993:  Carnival Sensation
  • 1991:  Carnival Ecstasy
  • 1990:  Carnival Fantasy

 Carnival Dry Dock Schedule

  • 2018:  Carnival Victory (February 2018)
  • 2018:  Carnival Fascination (February 2018)
  • 2018:  Carnival Paradise (March 2018)
  • 2018:  Carnival Legend (May 2018)
  • 2018:  Carnival Inspiration (November 2018)
  • 2017:  Carnival Ecstasy (January 2017)
  • 2017:  Carnival Sensation (February 2017)
  • 2017:  Carnival Dream (February 2017)
  • 2017:  Carnival Glory (March 2017)
  • 2017:  Carnival Breeze (April 2017)
  • 2017:  Carnival Elation (September 2017)
  • 2017:  Carnival Conquest (October 2017)
  • 2016:  Carnival Fantasy
  • 2016:  Carnival Imagination
  • 2016:  Carnival Inspiration
  • 2016:  Carnival Liberty
  • 2016:  Carnival Magic
  • 2016:  Carnival Splendor
  • 2016:  Carnival Sunshine
  • 2016:  Carnival Triumph
  • 2016:  Carnival Valor
  • 2015:  Carnival Fascination
  • 2015:  Carnival Miracle
  • 2015:  Carnival Paradise
  • 2015:  Carnival Spirit
  • 2015:  Carnival Victory
  • 2014:  Carnival Freedom
  • 2014:  Carnival Legend
  • 2014:  Carnival Pride
  • 2014:  Carnival Elation
  • 2014:  Carnival Ecstasy
  • 2013:  Carnival Triumph
  • 2013:  Carnival Sunshine / Destiny
  • 2013:  Carnival Inspiration
  • 2013:  Carnival Imagination
  • 2013:  Carnival Fascination
  • 2012:  Carnival Dream
  • 2012:  Carnival Miracle
  • 2012:  Carnival Glory
  • 2012:  Carnival Conquest
  • 2012:  Carnival Spirit
  • 2011:  Carnival Splendor
  • 2011:  Carnival Liberty
  • 2011:  Carnival Valor
  • 2010:  Carnival Fantasy
  • 2010:  Carnival Victory
  • 2009:  Carnival Sensation
  • 2008:  Carnival Paradise

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39 Replies to “Carnival Ships by Age – Oldest to Newest [infograph]”

  1. Some of that data is wrong. Actually… your also missing an entire Ship. Carnival Destiny which has since been renamed to Carnival Sunshine after a complete overhaul.

      • Carnival Destiny was built in 1996. Destiny was overhauled and renovated to be come the Carnival Sunshine in 2013

          • Is there a way to find out what changed or updates are going to be made in dry dock? I am cruising on the Breeze in May and it is scheduled for dry dock in April. Hoping they are adding Guys BBQ!!!!!

    • Another one that has to be wrong is that Elation was renovated in 2016. I just came off that ship and it was definitely in need of an overhaul. The rooms are nasty, the elevators don’t work and the crew is rude. I bet I heard 300 people say they would never sail that ship again.

  2. How do you define “renovated”? Every ship goes through regular dry docks every 2 to 3 years where new features are added, like the Red Frog Rum Bar etc. The only ship that I can think of that was actually renovated was Destiny, coming out as Sunshine at the end.

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  7. What about some of the retired ships…like the Celebration, and the Holiday? I would love to see ALL the ships that have belonged to Carnival!

  8. I’m with Shelley I would like to see the all the retired ships up there starting with the one that started it all the Mardi Gras. then the fascination or carnivale or which ever came first.

  9. Did a four day cruise with Carnival Sensation renovated in 2009 didn’t help!!! very very OLD cruise ship with little to no entertainment or variety of food and SWEETS never will sail Sensation again. Splendor & Glory 👍👍

  10. Went in 80’s can’t remember name. Very small but we thought was wonderful. It was 4days to bahamas. Been cruising ever since.

  11. Looking forward to going on the spirit next year after it comes out of dry dock, Then I will look forward to the splendor departing Carnival to Join P&O Australia in 2019 as I am going to be on one of the of the first cruises that the splendor will be doing for P&O

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  13. We have 12 of us going on the Ecstasy in Oct. from S.C. easy to drive from Ohio. small ship, but 10 of the 12 it’s their 1st cruise. I’ve never gone with 12 people, I think that will help in the fun. This is my wife and I’s 4th cruise with Carnival.

  14. Looking for old Carnival brochures/booking catalogs. Carnival didn’t have computer systems to log all of our cruises and we should be Platinum and I have some pictures but didn’t buy all of them back in the early 90’s – and since have been on 6 cruises recently. Need to get more info to them to get days added. Like I said I have pictures with dates on the back but no the ship name. Can anyone help??? Thank you in advance!!

  15. I have cruised the Elation twice. Once in 2011 and again in 2015. In ’11, we had an ocean view room. The room was really clean, and I was surprised at how clean and neat the bathroom was. And I am a clean freak so I know clean. I don’t know why some people say it was nasty. In ’15 we had a suite. It was really nice, big, sectional sofa, and the balcony was very clean. No complaints.

  16. I agree! We sailed her in May and the ship was terrible and they were doing repairs above us the whole trip! The food was horrible too! Then she went to dry dock! I wish I had known it beforehand we would have switched ships…Btw we loved the Destiny!! But hated the Sunshine conversion it is too cut up and hard to navigate..ugh!

  17. Me and my wife have been on Ecstasy 2 times and had a blast it is a great ship to start on. Small so you learn where everything is fast and really friendly as it is a training ship everyone wants to make a great impression on you so they can move up in the company. Now we are moving up to Carnival Breeze in September 2019

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