Carnival Vista Destroys Marina in its Wake [Video]

The Carnival Vista is the newest addition to the fleet and is already getting into trouble. Often the youngest sibling goes a little crazy, but not to this extent. The Vista destroyed a large part of this marina in Sicily and left a surprise for some poor boat owners.

Ship Mate currently has 170 users on this sailing, so we’re curious to hear their first-hand experience when they return! According to the app’s itinerary, the ship should be returning to Piraeus (Athens) tomorrow.

Fortunately, there are no reported injuries with this event.

Check out the terrifying experience from this cruiser’s balcony view.

Carnival Vista Destroys Marina [Video]

In the video above, you can hear this cruiser’s reaction to the scary situation as it nears the dock.

“Oh, my God, the boats are getting crushed! Oh, my God, that really just happened!” he shouts as he watches the scene from above.”

A woman heard in the video adds, “Look at the people running!”

It must have been a very nerve-wrenching situation as the cruise ship got closer and closer to the docks. The strong currents and winds seemed to overpower the ships engines until they really fired them up. As you can see in the video, it looks like the captain waits until the ship is within 30 feet or so before really increasing the propulsion. At that time, you can see the resulting impact from the ship’s wash. The Carnival Vista is 133,500 tons so you can imagine the force necessary to move a vessel of that size.

The dock withstands the force for around a minute, then completely gives out.

From another angle, you can see the damage done up close. A camera at the marina caught the following.

The estimated damages according to local officials is $281k Euros, which seems surprisingly low from the damage seen in the video. At one point, you can hear the owner of the video saying “the boat is under,” indicating that it sank, although it’s tough to tell from the video.

We’re very happy to hear that everyone is safe and we’re awaiting a further explanation.

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