Cruise Cabin Feature on Ship Mate – Video Tutorial

Add your Cruise Cabin

Our Cruise Cabin feature is one of the most popular in the app. Users love to have their cabin number easily accessible and also to review their stateroom once they’ve sailed.

We’re re-releasing this feature on both Android and iOS after a brief absence. If you’ve saved any cabin info for past cruises, all should still be accessible in this latest version. If not, feel free to reach out to us through the “Contact Us” section of the app and we’ll do our best to fix that asap.

To help get familiar with this feature, we’ve created a quick video tutorial to walk you through the steps. If you’re not a video person, please check out the guide below.

Cruise Cabin Feature – Video Tutorial


Steps to add your Cruise Cabin

Download Ship Mate Cruise App: If you already have the Ship Mate app saved to your device, you’ll want to first make sure that you’re on the latest version of the app!  You can do this by checking the “Updates” section of your App Store.  For our newbies, first, welcome aboard! Now please go here to download the Ship Mate Cruise App for iOS or here to download the Ship Mate Cruise App for Android.

Save your Upcoming Cruise: You’ll need somewhere to save that Cruise Cabin, right? Your saved stateroom will be associated with a specific sailing, so you’ll need to first have a cruise saved to your “My Cruises” section of the app. If you’re unsure how to do this, please use this tutorial showing exactly how to Save a Cruise to your Ship Mate App.

Access Cabin Area: After selecting your saved cruise, you’ll see a few main menu options in your sailing. Third from the left, you’ll find “Save Cabin.” Select that, then tap within the “Select Cabin Number” area. Next, start typing in your cabin number. As you do, you’ll see the list get filtered to those staterooms matching your search.  Note:  Ship Mate may not have your cabin in our database. That’s ok! You can still add your cabin. As you type your cabin into the search bar, you’ll see options populate below. Once you’ve fully typed your cabin, simply tap on your cabin from the list. That will add it to your cabin feature.

Review Your Cruise Cabin: You can take pics and upload those on Day 1 of your cruise while you still have internet, or you can wait until you return. It’s up to you. Either way, you’ll want to add your photos, ratings and a review of your cabin. Once done, make sure to save. You can then access that at any point from within your saved cruise.

We hope that our Cruise Cabin feature will help you to save and easily access your stateroom number. If you’ve found this helpful, feel free to check out our tutorial on:  Adding a Cruise Countdown widget for iOS or Android.

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