Cruise Countdown Clock for Facebook

Cruise Ticker for Facebook

With our new Facebook Cruise Countdown, you can now access your ticker directly from your Facebook account.  Watch the seconds melt away as you inch closer and closer to your cruise vacation.  You can add a countdown to your personal profile page or to any cruise pages to which you’re an admin.  In a few easy steps, you can include your own, customized countdown as seen here.

Cruise Countdown Clock for Facebook

 To add yours, follow these simple steps:

  1. Click here to access the Cruise Countdown Clock
  2. Select “Get my Cruise Countdown”
  3. Allow permissions (we promise to  never abuse your info and trust)
  4. Input your cruise name and date
  5. Hit “Submit”
    – If you control any cruise pages, you’ll see a box pop up to allow you to select that page
    – If not, you’ll see an error box pop up – ignore it… no biggie. Just hit “Ok” or whatever it says
  6. You can now access your facebook cruise countdown whenever you’re online
    – From your main FB page, you can find it in your “Apps” list as “Cruise Countdown”
    – If you added it to a cruise page, you can find it in the tab bar of that page as seen to the right
Cruise Countdown
We’ve also made a demo-video to make it easy to add your cruise countdown:

For more information on how to add a Cruise Countdown Clock for Facebook, the Web, and Ship Mate, please click above.

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  1. When I click on “cruise countdown clock”, the page says “forbidden, you are not allowed…..”
    How can I get on? I just want to add to my facebook cruise group.

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