Cruise Countdown Clock for iPhone, Android, Facebook or Web!

Cruise Countdown Clock

Countdown to Cruise | App Feature

You can add a cruise clock to your iPhone or Android version of Ship Mate with ease.  Your cruise ticker will be automatically included in the main menu of your app. Just select and store your itinerary into into the “My Cruises” section of the app.  Track multiple cruise countdown clocks by storing more than one cruise in this section.

To add these to either the iPhone or the Android version, please do the following:

  1. Once in the app, go into the “My cruises” section of the app.
    – If you haven’t yet logged in, we’ll require this to store cruises.
  2. Find the specific cruise line and ship that you’ll be sailing.
  3. Once selected, you’ll then see a corresponding list of itineraries.
  4. Select the appropriate itinerary to save that cruise to your list.
  5. You can now view your cruise count down and start building anticipation!

You’ll see countdown clocks in both the “My cruises” section and the main menu.  Once in the main menu, you’ll also have the option to switch from months to days to hours. Do this by simply clicking on the timer.  By tapping the “F” next to your ticker in the main menu, you’ll be given the option to post the remaining time until you sail to your Facebook wall.  If you haven’t already, you’ll need to log into your Facebook account to have this ability.

Count Down for Facebook

Here you’ll see an example image of a FB post. It’s from my buddy, Clyde the Owl, who has a Carnival cruise countdown on the Breeze with only two months, 22 days, and 19 hours remaining.

Before I go into how to set up a ticker on the web, I’m reminded of a joke about counting down.  It has nothing to do with cruising and is probably not relevant to this post, but I don’t care:

There are three men lined up at the firing squad about to be executed for crimes that warrant such a punishment.  The first gentleman, an English chap, is brought before the gunman, blindfolded.  He’s standing there frightened as the guard counts down from 10… 9… 8… The Englishman has an idea, and yells out “flood!”  The gunner is startled and looks around for a wave of water to come down.  As he’s surveying the situation, the man removes his blindfold and takes off running to escape into the woods.

The next gentleman, a German fellow, is asked to take his place and suffer the consequences of his actions.  The frightened fellow is blindfolded and ill-prepared to meet his fate, when he has an idea.  As the guard is counting down 10… 9… 8… he yells, “Hurricane!”  The gunner is again startled and frantically looks around, beginning to prepare himself for the swirling winds and debris.  As he’s doing so, the German man rips off the blindfold and sprints off into the woods, free as can be.

The final man, a Polish guy (like myself), is asked to step up to receive the ultimate punishment.  Like the two before him, he places the blindfold securely around his head and takes his place.  And like the two before him, he figures he’ll also fool the gunsman by distraction.  As the guard counts down 10… 9… 8… he yells, “fire!”

Carnival Cruise Countdown

Cruise Countdown on the Web

Back to business.  In addition to allowing you to count down on your Ship Mate app on your Android or iPhone, you’re also able to add a cruise countdown to your web profile.  Now you can have your ticker going at work, home or wherever you have a computer.

To add a new cruise countdown clock, or to check your existing timer, first go to our Ship Mate Cruise Profile page.  From there, you can log into your account using the same user name and password as originally set up in your Ship Mate app.  Once logged in, you’ll see a list of all upcoming cruises that you’ve saved to your “My cruises” section.  You’ll see your seconds ticking away in real time under each upcoming trip.

Cruise Countdown

Facebook Ticker

Let’s “face” it – 85% of you have another window opened up with Facebook queued up.  The average human spends something like 40 minutes a day on this ridiculously popular form of entertainment.  We decided that we’d make your Facebook experience even more enjoyable by allowing you to add a cruise countdown to facebook profiles and pages that you control.

Now you’ll be able to count down the seconds until you set sail directly from your Facebook account.  You’ll find detailed instructions here to add a cruise clock to Facebook – but, if you’d like the quick and dirty instructions, follow these simple instructions:

  1. Click here for your Ship Mate app for Facebook
  2. Select “Get my cruise countdown”
  3. Accept the permissions required by Facebook
  4. Enter your cruise name and sail date
  5. Hit “submit”
    – If you have facebook pages that you administer, you’ll be allowed to select any to add to
    – If you don’t, the cruise countdown will be added to your FB account under “Apps”

To make it as easy as possible, we’ve created a quick, instructional video showing you exactly how to add a ticker to your FB account.

If you have any questions at all about your cruise countdown, please shoot us an email!

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