Cruise Fail of the Year

Annie’s Cruise to Internet Stardom

Before watching, just know that Annie is alive and well. Although, she’s probably pretty embarrassed knowing her epic cruise fail has been watched by over 13 MILLION people.

To our ship mates, this is a familiar site. We travel up and down steps just like these on our cruise getaways. The difference, however, is that we walk down them like normal, safe humans. Annie likes to dive down them head first. Again, we joke knowing that she’s not hurt.

Enough build up – see for yourself the Epic Cruise Fail of 2015 (and possibly the decade).

The above video was taken by her friend, Maddie, who promised Annie that she wouldn’t share with others. The recent high school grads were at a post-graduation bbq when Annie had a change of heart and allowed Maddie to release it.

13 Million+ views later, I’m wondering if this will help or hurt her chances of employment now that she’s launched into the real world. I think I might leave this off of my resume.

What’s the first word that comes to mind when watching the video above?

11 Replies to “Cruise Fail of the Year”

  1. Hi

    I hope every cruise lines see photo’s of these fools and ban them from ever cruising again.
    they could have injured a innocent person/people.
    they could have injured themselves I am sure a law suit would follow
    As a innocent person I shudder thinking walking up stairs and the stupid girl falling on me..

    Cruise ships please ban these idiots

  2. No need to ban. This is the reason we post warning signs. They were just being silly and maybe needed a little supervision.

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