Cruise Price Alerts – Never Overpay Again [NEW feature]

…with Price Change Email Notifications – Free!

Cruise Prices change frequently and nobody wants to pay more than the guy sitting next to them at the Lido Pool Bar. There are many articles advising you on “the best time to book to save money.” In reality, they’re all guessing. There will always be factors that are out of our control and shifting cruise prices up and down.  Examples include:

  • Economic issues
  • Geo-political events
  • Gas prices
  • Cruise events (*cough* Carnival Triumph)

Save the gambling for the cruise casino. With our new Cruise Price Alerts tool, you can book whenever you’d like. We’ll monitor cruise prices for you and alert you of any significant changes (over 1%). If the cruise price drops, we’ll immediately send you an email. You can then reach out to your agent or cruise line for the difference.

We’ve seen users recover Hundreds of Dollars in On-board Credit! This is one of a handful of emails we’ve received from our ship mates.

Cruise Price Alerts Email

You can take that money straight to the cruise Picture Gallery and buy a massive portrait of yourself smiling because you just dominated the cruise pricing game.

Our friend Doug Parker, host of Cruise Radio, has also heard from fans who have saved hundreds. We talk about that and and more in this episode of Cruise Radio:


Setting Up Cruise Price Alerts – Apple iOS

Activating your Cruise Price Alert is simple. First you’ll need to save your upcoming cruise in your “My Cruises” section of Ship Mate. Once that’s done, simply click on your sailing and you’ll see the “Current Price” listed there.

cruise price alerts iphoneWhile in the cruise price view, you can choose between the different cabin types to see the associated prices.

cruise price alert setToggle “on” to activate Price Alerts for that selected cabin choice. After it’s set, you’ll see this also indicated in the main cruise view.

Once activated, you’ll get an email any time the price fluctuates (up or down) by more than 1%. To stop these at any point, just return to that view and toggle these to “off.”

If you don’t see your cruise price shown on the main view, that means we don’t currently have that pricing info to display. This could be the case if you’re on a niche cruise, an itinerary that has just recently been released, or sailing a cruise line for we don’t have pricing access (like P&O). Also, be sure to check our web version to see if it’s in there and please let us know if you find it in one and not the other (instructions below).

Setting Up Cruise Price Alerts – Android

First you’ll need to save your upcoming cruise in your “My Cruises” section of Ship Mate. Once that’s done, click on that saved listing and you’ll see “Price Alert” listed under “My Cabin.”

Cruise Price Tracker

Note: we’ll only have “Price Alert” listed if we have access to pricing information for your cruise. We have pricing for roughly 1 Million upcoming cruises, but some we just don’t have access to, unfortunately. If you don’t see it listed, it’s either because you haven’t updated your app, or we don’t have that info. Feel free to double-check on our web app (see below).

cruise price tracker 2

Once you’ve selected “Price Alert,” you’ll see a list of cabin types. You’ll also see the current price for each of these cabins. If you’d like to set an alert, just toggle to “on” for any cabin you’re interested in.

Once you toggle “on,” that will set your anchor price. if it moves by more than 1%, we’ll then send you an email notification.  Make sure that we have your correct email address so that you receive this!

Once set, you’ll also see the current price listed in your saved cruise page. If your price drops, you could potentially recover that difference. Click to see what to do if your cruise price changes.

Cruise Price Alerts for Web Users

If you’re still using a Blackberry, rotary phone, or other, feel free to take advantage of our cruise price alerts on the web.

To set up your alert on the web, follow these simple steps.

First, go to

Cruiseline price alerts step 1In the cruise search area, narrow down your upcoming sailing using their criteria, like line, ship and sail date.

Click “Show Cruises” to get to the list matching your chosen attributes.

Cruiseline price alerts step 2

Find your sailing and click on the title from the list shown.

Cruiseline price alerts step 3

Select the “Get Price Alert” option on that cruise page.

Cruiseline price alerts step 4

Select the cabin option(s) that you prefer.

Enter your email address to receive any price alerts.

Click “Save Price Alert.”

Now sit back, relax, and know that we’re checking millions of price points daily to assure that your cruise price doesn’t change without you knowing.

If / when we find a price drop, we’ll send over an email similar to that below.

Ship Mate works best if you’re cruise is already booked. We’ll make sure that, if the price drops, you’ll be the first to know.

Price Alerts Email Notification

Share this Feature If you’re a part of a Cruise Facebook Group or other online community! Copy the link and post it to that forum.  Let them know that this tool is FREE and could save hundreds of dollars. You’ll be a hero and with their savings, they’ll buy you a freezing cold margarita at sea.

This feature has been “live” in the app for a week and we’ve already had over 10,000 price alerts set!  If you save some money using our new alerts, please let us know! We love to hear when we’ve helped.

UPDATE:  We’ve heard from one Ship Mate fan – Debbie and her husband were able to use the feature to recover $900!  We LOVE hearing that. If you’ve gotten any money back, leave a comment below and let us know about it!

recovered cruise price drop

Note: we can only notify you of price changes. Different cruise lines have varying policies. Please check with your agent or cruise line to see your options with any price drop. If you recover over $500, you owe us a hug.

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