Cruise Ship Roller Coaster Announced – Carnival Behemoth!

Carnival New Construction Plans Leaked – 44-Loop Roller Coaster!

It’s a race to come up with the newest, most exciting on-board attractions. Recently, Royal Caribbean launched their Quantum class, boasting Skydiving, Robot Bartenders, Bumper Cars and more as part of their “WOW Campaign.” Evidently, Carnival Cruise Lines is not to be outdone. Today plans were leaked showing plans for the next big thing – a 44-loop Cruise Ship Roller Coaster! Appropriately, the ship is to be named the “Carnival Behemoth.”

Cruise Ship Roller Coaster
Leaked rendering of the Carnival Behemoth Cruise Ship Roller Coaster


According to sources, Carnival is attempting to one-up Royal Caribbean’s WOW marketing efforts with their own campaign, called “OMG.” From a confidential source at Carnival:

“Our goal is to have passengers’ jaws drop upon boarding. For the first half-hour, the only words out of their mouths should be ‘Oh, my goodness.’ They’ll find so many outrageous attractions and activities, that they’ll totally forget they’re on a cruise ship. We’re still analyzing whether we’ll even need to stop at ports.”

The most significant “OMG” factor is the new 44-Loop Roller Coaster, called the “Sea-Snake.” Passengers won’t be able to miss this new addition while on board – the ride weaves in and out of almost every outdoor area on the ship. “While relaxing poolside, passengers can be entertained by the roller coaster cars whooshing just above their heads every 85 seconds,” our source said.

According to our rep, the cruise line had a difficult decision to make when choosing the one main attraction that won out the “OMG Factor” campaign. Other than the cruise ship roller coaster, the line was considering the following.

  • Trampoline Laser Tag Venue
  • African Safari at Sea
  • Hunger Games Arena
  • Zero Gravity Space Adventure

When asked whether he thinks that cruise passengers might find this “over-the-top,” our source replied: “Yes, they’ll find it over the top – over the entire top of the cruise ship. And they’ll be like, ‘oh. my. goodness.”

What do you think?  Are you excited about the Sea Snake or do you think Carnival should have gone with one of the other options?

POST UPDATE – April 2, 2015:  Ha! gotcha, ship mates! There are no plans to build the Sea Snake (at least, not that I’m aware of). I hope none of you chewed out your Carnival reps. I was surprised to see some people actually dug the idea. Welp, anyway – APRIL FOOLS!!!

23 thoughts on “Cruise Ship Roller Coaster Announced – Carnival Behemoth!

  1. It wound awesome but at the same time i wouldn’t like to hear the roar of a roller coaster every 85 seconds whole relaxing on vacation… Jst my opinion

  2. I love the roller coaster ide, but did carnval take into consideration the passengers that just want to sit out read a book and relax; or what about the guest that is just enjoying the sea and meditating. I think that carnival need to reevaluate this idea.

  3. Don’t think I would want to hear a roller coaster every 85 seconds if I’m trying to have a nice relaxing vacation!!

  4. APRIL FOOLS!!! Seriously? I sure wouldn’t want a loud, annoying roller coaster going over my head every 85 seconds. Let alone the screaming people and the jerks that spit and try and hit you while going through a loop. No thanks. The other venues sound awesome though.

  5. It’s too much. It stands a chance of overkill for entertainment. I’m loving the idea of reducing ports of call and adding more days at sea but this coaster idea is really over the…edge….so to speak. Its why I prefer Carnival over RCCL, it’s a cruise ship, leave the rides to the Disney lines. If surf and sand are what is needed, try the Santa Cruz pier but don’t try and v compete with a cruise line that’s completely over the edge on cruise ship concepts. Keep it simple guys

  6. Bad idea or is an April fools joke ? if it is a serious plan then its a bad one, I go to relax not to hear a roller coaster and screaming ppl every 85 seconds. What idiot thought of this concept.

  7. Stopped cruising with Carnival after 2 bad experiences. May need to reconsider that decision if they add the roller coaster! Sounds awesome!!!!

  8. If they would do it, this will be a ship I will not step foot on… I am on a cruise to relax not an amusement park on the ocean…

    Hope it was an April fools joke.

  9. I love the idea of having this over the top attraction and if people don’t wanna hear the noise choose another ship.

  10. This would be an Amazing Adventure! Hope to see it jappen, and I hope I get to cruise on this ship someday. Love Carnival!

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