Free Cruise Cabin Door Sign Contest – Send us Your Funniest Cruise Story

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They are here… and they’re GLORIOUS.

To win one on this Freebie Friday, it’s simple.  Just send us your funniest cruise story.  Keep it short and sweet (under 500 words).  We’ll also consider exceptional stories of the following variety…

  • Amazing
  • Unbelievable
  • Ridiculous
  • Totally Sweet
  • Completely embarrassing
  • “You’ve got to be shipping me”

NOTEBonus points for an included image!

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We’ll pick the top FIVE stories and post these to our millions of users (flagrant exaggeration).  The five of you will have a cruise cabin door sign sent to you asap.  We also might throw in a couple of honorable-mention-freebies if worthy.

For those of you too shy to share, you too can have your very own “let’s get shipfaced” cruise cabin door sign – just click here – only $4.99 with shipping.

But, we’d rather hear your stories and share them with our ship mates.  Think back to all of your past cruises – which experience did you tell friends and family the second you got home?  That’s the one we want.

Oh, and the simple “I forgot my passport” story isn’t going to cut it.  Possibly the “I forgot my passport and tried to sneak through the X-Ray machine and got stuck and the fire department was called and….” story would have a chance.

We’ll go through the best of the best and post them next week for all of our users to enjoy.

Send all entries to or enter them into the comment area below.

Have a great weekend, Ship Mates, and good luck!

18 Replies to “Free Cruise Cabin Door Sign Contest – Send us Your Funniest Cruise Story”

  1. My boyfriend at the time decided to take my mom and I on our first cruise. We went on the Carnival Legend in 2009. What an incredible time, but what will always stand out is our first time ever on a water slide. My mom was 79 years old and she climbed up those stairs and came down that slide with the biggest smile on her face, I was at the bottom taking pictures. Then it was my boyfriend’s turn, he came down and when he got to the bottom the look of horror on his face, I thought he lost his bathing suit, no not that, he lost his teeth. His teeth came out when that big wave hits you at the bottom, there he was searching for them before the next person came down. Never laughed so hard. Utterly Embarrassing for him.

  2. This has happened to me twice now on 2 seperate Disney cruises – I have been on 6. I was sitting by the family pool when a lady came up to me all upset – her bikini top broke!! She was desperately looking for someone to help her tie the back in a knot so she could get back to her cabin and came to me. I tied it for her and she was so grateful ;0) Couldn’t believe when it happened to me again on another cruise– different lady but same situation. Maybe that’s why I don’t where bikinis ? ;0)

  3. Many years ago we took a Carnival cruise and there was a passenger onboard who was a transvestite. During the day he was a guy named Richard and dressed accordingly. At night he was Rachel and dressed as a women. He was not particularly attractive dressed either way but he/she was funnier then heck. It was so fun to watch the whole week….and he/she travelled alone.

    I just kept wondering (I’m a women) what a bummer it would be to have to pack for two when there is only one of you.

  4. On my very first day in Bermuda on my very first cruise, we were cut off on our moped by a local and ended up with severe road rash and a broken wrist. My husband ended up with 10 stiches and 2 broken rips as well as road rash. We spent 5 hours in a Bermuda hospital, had to take a $40.00 taxi back to the boat and we in too much pain to even move from our cabin the next day. And I have all the pictures to prove it…lol What a way to experience your very first cruise! 🙂

  5. On the Oasis learning how to do the Flowrider. I was on my tummy doing pretty good just staying on untill I fell off. I stood up and my entire bathing suit was off!!! I was standing up naked and all I could do was laugh. Thank goodness the guy running it came over with the board to cover me up sort of until they could find my swim suit. Ugh!

  6. New to Crusing last year..I stood on my Balcony as the Carnival Valor was leaving the port in the Bahamas thinking these have to be the friendliest people in the whole world because they were waving very strongly as we were departing…I was waving just as strongly back with a big smile on my face…didnt realize they were passengers that had missed the on board timeline..ouch felt like an idiot…Chris

  7. We took a cruise to Hawaii for our honeymoon. Upon arriving in Honolulu, we were greeted by a Hula Dancer that placed a fresh Orchid Lei around our necks (I set this up in advance). The next evening, day two of our NCL cruise, I had A dozen long stemmed red roses delivered to our stateroom for my bride. On day three, I had NCL decorate our cabin with streamers stating Happy Honeymoon. Day four I had Petit Fours delivered to our cabin. On day five I had chocolate covered strawberries delivered mid afternoon to our cabin. On day six while at a luau on Maui I had the MC announce us as a newly wedded couple ( I had this planned in advance too), and on the last night of our cruise I had a bottle of Champaign delivered to us at dinner. All this after getting married on the beach in Daytona at sun rise and landing in Honolulu at sunset on our wedding day. A great way to start our marriage.

  8. On one our cruises, my mom came along….one night, we meet up with the captain outside of the theater…he asked how everything was and we said fine, but my mom had a question for him….she wanted to know how much coal they go through in a week!!!! i almost fell over, laughing so hard!!! and they say out of the mouths of babes….think its out of the mouths on moms!!!!

  9. Well I’m not sure about funny but on one of the cruises we took with my mother in law and her friend we got off in Cozumel and she decided to take a buggy ride so we found a guy and went on a tour of the city. On our way back our house started going crazy due to his harness being uncomfy around his hind legs so he ran head first into a parked car then started going crazy. As he started kicking like crazy my mother in law and her friend jumped out on the right side and the buggy started to turn so I had to hurry and jump out to the left. On my way out I hit the street praying no car would hit me the horse started coming my way and I passed out when it started at me. Since I hit the ground and messed up my leg and ankle I could not move so I thought it was the end for me. My husband grabbed my arm and got me out of the way so the horse would not trample me. By the time they got the harnes cut off then the horse was fine. The cops and all came wanted me to go to the hospital and just seeing it on our trip I was like hell no we have crack houses that look better. They got me back on the boat and the one thing I recommend to this day is take any function only done through the boat not on your own. I would have deff got a free trip out of that one. Looking back on it we laugh now but at the time I thought I was gone. That’s one of my crazy adventures in mexico while on our cruise.

  10. After a long day walking around our mexican port my feet were killing me. That night as we dressed for dinner I noticed my feet were very swollen. I shoved them into my heels anyway and went to the MDR. During dinner, I couldn’t help but take my shoes off under the table. As we were about to leave I could barely squeeze my feet into my shoes but did so (painfully). I then told everyone in my party that I needed to go back to the stateroom and change my shoes. I could barely walk and hobbled along to the elevator. People were staring at me like I was nuts. After getting in the elevator I looked down at my feet because I couldn’t believe I was in so much pain. It was then I noticed that in my attempt to get my shoes back on under the table I had put them on the wrong feet!!

  11. My sis and I were on our first cruise aboard the NCL Pearl. On its last night, we were dancing up a storm when we realized it was almost time to get our bags ready and out our cabin door. We raced off and quickly got our nighties on and started hauling our bags out. Giggling like 2 schoolgirls until we realized we had locked ourselves out of our cabin. Spent the next 20 min in search of staff to let us in, ending up in the 24 hr blue lagoon restaurant. Funny was when the purser asked us for ID to get in. We won’t talk about our Dancing with the Pearl Stars antics, but lets just say we got a few cat calls and whistles in our nighties!!

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  13. My sister and i were on a cruise to NZ in January and we decided to go to a movie but got the forward and aft diection mixed up. Were delighted to be offered a cocktail before the curtain opened and the movie started. When the curtain did open there was a full band starting up and we looked at each other and burst out laughing when we realised our mistake!

  14. Our cruise on the Carnival Spirit second Aussie cruise
    and all I can say is Tidal Wave at Green Thunder. While standing
    at the bottom videoing the kids coming down a very LARGE man
    came down followed by a very large tidal wave. I was drenched right down to bra & knickers I then carefully made my way down to lift all good no one saw. I jumped in thinking lift was empty and came face to face with a ships officer he burst out laughing & said”what the he’ll happened to you” i replied Tidal Wave at green thunder he couldn’t stop laughing but offered to get me a towel & escort back to my cabin .

  15. Surprised my wife before the captian’s dinner, told her that we was getting ready early to shop and take pictures, but in reality I had arraigned for the captian to meet us in the wedding chapel to renew our vows.

  16. My daughter and I were on a cruise, I have to use a walker with a seat, she had to go back to the cabin and I looked down the passage way and saw how far away from our cabin we were, I sat on the walker seat and said no way am I walking way down there, well she grabbed the bar on the back of the walker and pulled me backwards down the hall, with me laughing and a whole line of people behind us laughing in hysterics.

  17. Two Texans were having dinner on a cruise I was on,
    when they heard this awful choking sound. They turned
    around to see a lady, a few tables down, turning blue from wolfing
    down a steak too fast.

    The first Texan said to the other, “Think we ought to help?”

    “Yep,” said the second Texan.

    The first Texan got up and walked over to the lady and asked,
    “Can you breathe?”

    She shook her head no.

    “Can you speak?” he asked. She shook her head no again. With that,
    he helped her to her feet, lifted up her skirt and started to lick her
    on the butt. She was so shocked, she coughed up the obstruction and
    began to breathe, with great relief.

    The first Texan turned back to his friend and said, “Funny how that
    Hind Lick Maneuver works every time!”

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