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It’s almost as much fun to send a postcard as it is to receive one, and our friends at Sincerely want you to have a bit of fun on them.  Today (Tuesday, March 27th) you’ll be able to send one postcard through Ship Mate for free – Sincerely is ponying up for a total of 50,000 postcards, so get them while they last.  We think you’ll be so amazed with your experience, that you’ll start sending them to everyone that you know.  And if not… no biggie – we’re just glad to give back a little something to our wonderful ship mates.  If you want to test out the feature, but can’t think of a deserving recipients, send one to us here at Ship Mate Headquarters.  We’ll feature some of the funniest, weirdest, best pictures and messages that we get:

1600 Main Street
Venice, CA  90291

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The process should be easy to follow, but feel free to send us a message if you need any help.  The number of free postcards from our friends at Sincerely is limited, so make sure you send one before the freebees run out.  If your screen looks like that seen here (you have 10 credits and 10 will be used), you’re one of the lucky ship mates to get it in time.  And again, we’d love to get some postcards from our users at the address above.  I want our mailbox bulging and our mailman to end up with biceps like Venus Williams.

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