Future Cruise Ships? Coming Soon?

“City of Meriens” – Future Cruise Ship Design

This future cruise ship design makes today’s largest cruising vessels look like rowboats. You won’t believe how it measures up.

Below is a rendering of the future ship dubbed, “The City of Meriens.”

future cruise ships


The concept was developed by French architect, Jacques Rougerie. But, he didn’t have buffets, belly-flop-contests, and bingo in mind when drawing up this magnificent future cruise ship. He envisions it as a “floating scientific city.” It’s intended use to be watching and analyzing marine life. With it’s enormous capacity, it could house an entire college focused on marine science.

This manta-ray shaped future cruise ship will dwarf today’s largest cruise ships. Holding the record for largest vessel today is Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Seas. It measures 1,187 feet long and a maximum 213 feet wide.

The City of Meriens is estimated to be 2,950 feet long and 1,650 feet wide. To put that into perspective, we’ve mocked up the size comparison below.

To get a better idea of the typical cruise ship size, check out our Carnival Cruise Ship Size Comparison Infographic.

Biggest Cruise Ship in the World vs The City of Meriens

future cruise ship size comparison

The image shows the City of Meriens future cruise ship’s size compared to the largest and smallest ship covered by Ship Mate Cruise App. Those figures are below.

Ship Length

  • City of Meriens:  2,950ft
  • Allure of the Seas:  1,187ft
  • Costa Voyager:  590ft

Ship Beam (width)

  • City of Meriens:  1,650ft
  • Allure of the Seas:  213ft
  • Costa Voyager:  85ft

Rougerie plans for this to not only be the largest cruise ship in the world, but also the cleanest. It’s designed to produce no trash and to be entirely autonomous. The future cruise ship would achieve this through various green efforts and taking advantage of renewable marine energy. The “wings” of the vessel are planned to be used as gardens and it’s deep well to be a lagoon for cultivating aquatic goodies.

Here’s another look at the futuristic cruise ship.

cruise ship of the future

Story found here.

What do you think? Would you grab some test tubes and beakers and live on this thing for a year while studying what’s swimming below?

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7 Replies to “Future Cruise Ships? Coming Soon?”

  1. It appears to require a draft of over 1,000 feet!! Looks like dreges will be in short supply. as a;; the ports and the sea lanes leading to all the ports will need to be at least 1100 feet deep.

    • Great point – hadn’t thought about that… maybe it never comes into port? He’s gonna need to find space for runway or at least a few helipads… or maybe the Allure of the Seas can serve as a tender 🙂

      • No, no. You missed the point. It will use the Allure of the Sea as a tender, tow it along behind it and when it gets close to the 200 fathom line, the crew and passengers can pile into it and row ashore. 😉

  2. This guy is smoking something strong. With the AOTS costing a couple of Billion dollars where does he think he will come up with enough money to even get this thing he dreamed up off the drawing board. And besides all that who want to go on a cruise and not be able to have a steak and baked potato or have choices of sushi or italian food at their beck and call. Not Me!! I’ve been on Allure and Oasis and I will not be eating any cultivated aquatic goodies from the depth of the ship.

  3. Ah, I remember from my history that the brits had problems building wide enough battleships running up to WW 1 because their docks weren’t wide enough. Just how do you think they could build this puppy. No dock I’m aware of in use or talked about today. Nope, this would require a whole new infrastructure. Gee, any chance I could get some of that stuff he’s been smoking. It must be mighty nice.

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