Post Cruise Countdown to Facebook & Twitter

Share your Cruise Countdown with Ship Mate

We’ve made it super easy to share your cruise countdown on Facebook and Twitter. Our new, beautiful Cruise Countdown Page will be sure to have all of your friends jealous.

To share using either Facebook, Twitter, or Email, follow these steps.

  1. Make sure your cruise is saved to “My Cruises
  2. Select the NewsFeed from your Main Menu
  3. Click “Share” under your Cruise Countdown
  4. Share using FB, Twitter, or Email

For those that are more visual, this should help with sharing your Cruise Countdown.

share cruise countdown on facebook or twitter

The above graphic shows sharing from an iPhone. It’ll be very similar on an iPad or other Apple product.

If you’re sharing from an Android, Step 1 will be slightly different. You’ll find that menu in the top, left-hand menu as seen below.

share cruise countdown on facebook android


Once you post that, you’ll see it show up on your Facebook page or in your Twitter stream looking like it does below.

Cruise Countdown on Facebook

cruise countdown on facebook

Cruise Countdown on Twitter

cruise countdown on twitter

Posting Countdown to Cruise Forums, Facebook Groups or Other

In addition to posting your countdown to your Facebook feed, you can also post it in Cruise Forums, Facebook Pages, and wherever else you’d like. To do that, go to the view seen in Step 3 above.  Then, do a “screen shot” of that image from your device. It’ll then be stored in your device’s Photos Section.  Once there, you can go all over the internet posting that as much as you’d like!

If you’re not already following our Ship Mate Social Channels, you can do that here!

Remember – anticipation of the cruise is at least 3/8ths of the fun. And posting your Cruise Countdown to Facebook, Twitter, and other places is a great reminder you’ll soon be shipfaced!

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    • Hi Victor,

      Thanks for the comment – we’re fully aware of this issue.

      Unfortunately, Apple just gave us access to the stable iOS9 version one week ago. We fixed the issues asap (took us a few days) and submitted immediately after. Unfortunately, it takes Apple 7 days, on average, to release each new version of the app.

      Hopefully they’ll release it today.

      Apologies for the delay!

  1. Why doesn’t “my schedule” sync between iphone where I entered info, and ipad. I logged into the same account on both devices but it isn’t on ipad. Don’t really think I want to re-enter all the info again.

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