Quantum of the Seas Pictures – 6 Amazing New Features!

Quantum of the Seas Pictures & Video

These Quantum of the Seas pictures and reviews show the seven most amazing new features of the latest Royal Caribbean ship.  Following the countdown are some fun stats and additional info you’ll want to check out.

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Make sure to leave a comment below with the feature that you’re most excited about or would like to see on future ships!  Without further ado, here are 6 awesome cruise innovations.


6 – Music Hall

The Music Hall will be located on decks three and four – during the day, the room will be used for dance classes, dj training, and improv workshops. During the evening, however, the venue transforms into a rock-n-roll hotspot. Featuring leather, chains, and mirrors, the slightly edgy venue serves as the center for entertainment when the sun goes down. You’ll find a variety of music as well as dancing, shows, and more.  Check out these Quantum of the Seas pictures and video mocked up for the exciting, new Music Hall concept.

Music Hall 
Quantum of the Seas Pictures



5 – Virtual Balcony Inside Rooms

Most passengers would prefer outside cabins versus interior staterooms, indicated by the price difference between the two. But, the cost conscious cruiser can now avoid the scenic sacrifice thanks to Royal Caribbean’s addition of these”Virtual Balcony” rooms. ALL inside cabins will be equipped with the 80-inch, high definition television screens spanning the inside wall of the cabin. It may not be exactly like stepping out on your balcony, feeling the wind in your hair, and smelling the ocean breeze… but, maybe you can turn up the AC, spray some sun tan lotion around the room, make your kids squawk like seagulls, and experience the next best thing. Also, rooms on the Quantum Class ships will be an average of 9% larger than those on the Oasis, so don’t feel bad hitting that buffet again. There’s plenty of room.  Check out these Quantum of the Seas pictures and video of the latest room innovation, the Virtual Balcony TV wall.

Virtual Balcony Royal Caribbean
Virtual Balcony RC




4 – Two70 Degrees, Featuring “The Cafe”

Two70, featuring “The Cafe,” is a gourmet marketplace featuring 270 degree panoramic views of the ocean, competing with the many other stimulants of this venue. Royal Caribbean shows off the latest and greatest in technological advancements at sea here at Two70.  Included in the inventory of futuristic delights are 100 inch LED television screens, robotic arms, illuminated floor lights, three-story video wall, and advanced audio components. During the day, Two70 will be used for activities (like arts & crafts), demos, and guest lectures. Once the sun goes down, the excitement level goes up as the shows start. As seen in the images, the venue will even feature aerial acrobats.  Also make sure to check out the “Ice Bar.”  See these Quantum of the Seas Pictures of Two70 below.

Royal Caribbean Two70
Aerial Show Quantum Class


3 – the SeaPlex

The SeaPlex is like a mini-amusement park. Here on the 15th deck you’ll find exciting activities for kids of all ages. During the day, the huge sports floor is used as a full-sized basketball court, which also converts to a flying trapeze school, bumper car rink, and roller skating arena. You and your kids will be balling, flipping, and bumping to the sounds of a DJ, spinning beats from a hanging DJ booth. If you’re into lesser contact or lower-flying entertainment options, you’ll also find table tennis, air hockey, and foosball here. Once you work up an appetite, you can visit the casual dining food truck. Here are some Quantum of the Seas pictures of the SeaPlex in all of it’s athletic glory.






2 – Sports Court – Skydiving, Surfing & Rock Climbing!

AsRoyal Caribbean passengers, we’ve been spoiled by all of their amazing attractions. Somehow, a rock-climbing wall towering over a ship’s top deck is kind of old news. While amazing in its own right, we’ve seen it before. And when the Royal Caribbean Flowrider first broke onto the scene, it was revolutionary. Many wondered how it could be topped. Now, instead of simulated water currents, the Quantum of the Seas will be simulating free-falling air currents! The RC team is once again “wowing” the cruise world with it’s RipCord Skydiving attraction. This is the first sky-diving simulation machine to be included on a cruise ship. The 23 foot enclosed case allows the passenger to experience the feeling of having jumped out of a plane, via a strong, upward draft.

Quantum of the Seas PIctures Sports Deck

Sports Deck Flowrider

RipCord iFly

skydiving cruise ship




1 – North Star Observation Capsule

Found on the forward end of the top deck, is Royal Caribbean’s most outrageously impressive innovation to-date.  The Quantum of the Seas North Star will allow passengers to dangle 300 feet over the ocean’s surface.  The view will be unparalleled in this glass-walled bubble with a 360 degree panoramic.  And, it’s FREE!  During normal hours, it’s on a “first-come, first-served” basis to ride the North Star.  During prime times (sunset, sunrise and private trips), it’ll cost riders to take part in this extraordinary adventure.  These Quantum of the Seas pictures and videos of the North Star should give you an idea as to what you can expect.


Northstar Quantum of the Seas

northstar royal caribbean



Quantum of the Seas – More Info

The Quantum of the Seas pictures and videos above show some of the most amazing new features on the new ship.  Here’s some additional info on Royal Caribbean’s latest project.

The Quantum of the Seas will be Royal Caribbean’s newest ship in service once launched in the spring of 2014. Many wondered how it could possibly top the latest and greatest Oasis Class (including the Allure of the Seas and the Oasis of the Seas). Our hats are tipped to the RC team for once again blowing us out of the water with game-changing attractions like a skydiving machine, bumper cars, and a mechanical arm that dangles cruisers 30 stories above the ocean surface.

Before we explore some of these amazing features in detail, let’s look at some quick stats of the Quantum of the Seas:

  • Class: Quantum
  • Cruise Ship Cost: $940 Million
  • Length: 1,142 ft
  • Beam: 135 ft
  • Draught: 28 ft
  • Weight: 167.8 tons
  • Speed: 25mph
  • Decks: 16 passenger
  • Staterooms: 2,090
  • Passengers: 4,905 max

The Quantum Class of ships will include a total of three vessels. The next in line, slated for the Spring of 2015, will be the Anthem of the Seas. Their trio has yet to be named, or at least not yet released to the public. There is speculation, however, based on trademarks filed by Royal Caribbean. The company has locked in the rights to protect the following:

  • Passion of the Seas
  • Vantage of the Seas
  • Ovation of the Seas
  • Pulse of the Seas

The Quantum of the Seas and her sister ships are smaller than their predecessors by 34% (in weight), but larger than the previous Freedom Class by 13 tons. She’s no less impressive, though according to the specs.

With 16 total passenger decks, she’ll max out at around 4,905 passengers. The 2,090 staterooms are comprised of the following:

  • 1,570 balcony rooms
  • 147 ocean view cabins
  • 373 inside staterooms
  • 28 studio units for solo cruisers

This is the first time that Royal Caribbean has included single room offerings in their fleet. It’s unknown what the price structure will look like on a per square foot basis versus standard two-person cabins.

Find more Quantum of the Seas Pictures, Deck Maps, Chat and more in the Ship Mate Cruise App!

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 To look at pricing on Royal Caribbean’s page, you can access that here.

Which new Quantum of the Seas feature are you most excited about?

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  1. I would love to see royal do a formal experience .. What do I mean by that, I will tell you.. We get all dressed up on formal nights to take pictures and have dinner but after that’s all over what do we all do..? We go back to our cabins and change into a t shirt and jeans.

    I would love a formal party after dinner , a place that you can have a formal dance party where you can share a toast but with your table mates , have it set up post dinner so that’s it’s for your group. Have an MC host and champagne toasts. Now I know they do a captains party and champagne but it’s about the staff and not about the guest .

    I have been on so many cruises and the one thing my wife keeps telling me is how much she would love to have a formal dance with me , however the only thing that I find is booty music. Now I am far from old (35) and I think that the cruising industry has changed to the younger crowd and that does include me .. But a small touch of class when your all dresses up and have nowhere to go would be exciting to have this type of experience ..

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