How to: Add a Cruise to my Ship Mate Cruise App Profile

Add a Cruise to Ship Mate

Obviously, the first thing you’ll need to do is to download Ship Mate and create a new account. If you haven’t already, you can do that here.

This is Tutorial #2 in our series. If you’re just getting started with Ship Mate, please check out: Getting Started with Ship Mate – Basic Navigation, Creating User Account & Editing Profile.

You’ll now be able to add all of your cruises – past and future. Keep your entire cruising profile right here in Ship Mate. Then you can reminisce on past sailings, or count down to future cruises.

You can add a cruise from multiple sections of the app. We’ll show you the easiest in this quick instructional video.

Ship Mate Video Tutorial – Adding a Cruise

Once you have your future cruise saved, here are some suggestions on how to make the most of your Ship Mate App.

  • Check your Roll Call to see who you’re sailing with
  • Say “Hi” to your ship mates in your itinerary chat room
  • See where your ship is right now
  • Check out the weather in your first port of call
  • See what excursions are available for your ports

Have fun exploring, ship mates!

14 Replies to “How to: Add a Cruise to my Ship Mate Cruise App Profile”

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    • Hi Phil – we’ll include this in the post. On iOS, you can remove by using the “edit” button in the “My cruises” view, or by simply sliding your finger from right to left (like in your email app).

      On Android, please try a long press on that item in “My cruises.” Thanks!

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  3. The list of cruises in my past Kruse history got out of order chronologically. How do I rearrange them in chronological order.? Is that possible?

  4. We are trying to add 2 cruises that we took. One on the big red boat in 1994. The ship is out of commission now. The other is on the Disney magic in June of 2000. There are no sailings listed for June but I have the paperwork to prove that the sailing existed.
    Can I add them to my list of cruises and how

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  7. I would like to add a past cruise to my profile from November 1999, but the list only goes back to 2000. Is there a way to manually add a prior cruise that is not listed?

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