We’re Hiring – Get Paid to Think About Cruising All Day

Come Work With Us!

Thanks to our amazing community, we’re quickly growing as a company! We very much appreciate you helping to spread the word about our Ship Mate Cruise App and our site, Cruiseline.com. We’re actually growing so quickly, that we need help with all the stuff that comes with this growth. As such, we’re hiring a Product Support Coordinator.

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The benefits of this job include:

  • the ability to work from home
  • the chance to get paid to think about Cruising all day
  • the opportunity with an exciting tech company
  • the benefit of interacting with an amazing community

What does a Product Support Coordinator do?

Here are three of the main responsibilities with this position:

Community Management:  Every day, we get dozens of emails from users with a variety of issues ranging from missing itineraries to burnt tilapia on their last sailing (seriously). The Product Support Coordinator will not only respond to all emails, but will organize the issues and communicate them to the team so that we’re able to fix these asap.

Product Development:  It’s our mission to provide the best content for our hundreds of cruise ships and 1k+ ports in the app. “Change” is common in the cruise industry and we frequently see renovated ships, new deck maps, itinerary changes, etc. This position will help with all ship and port content to assure that we have the best info. This will require some creative writing so copy-writing skills are a plus!

Site & App Testing:  We’re constantly updating the app and site with improvements. Unfortunately, software programming is really tough and bugs come creeping in when we’re not paying attention. The Product Support Coordinator will meticulously test and test and test until each bug is a squished pile of guts. This involves a LOT of attention to detail and someone who can perform the same actions hundreds of times without wanting to walk the plank.

Here are some skills that will make someone great at this position:

  • Patient
  • Friendly
  • Detail-oriented
  • Organized
  • Good Writer
  • Hard Worker
  • Passionate


If you read those and thought to yourself, “people tell me I’m those seven things all the time.” Well, then – this might work out nicely.

“I’m In, I’m In” – How do I Apply?

To apply, please click the link below. You’ll find more details there along with a survey and application.

apply nowWe would really like to bring someone into the team from our Ship Mate Community! Good luck and thanks so much for the interest.

Also, if you’re not interested, but know someone who’d make a great addition to the team, please go here to send them this opportunity.

9 thoughts on “We’re Hiring – Get Paid to Think About Cruising All Day

  1. My whole life has led to this job! Customer Service/IT/Software Testing/Social Media/HTML/Top 10 (NYC) Reviewer on Trip Advisor & Love to Cruise!!!

      • I was left a message on your Facebook page you did not find my profile. I replied with the following.
        ” I received a confirmation email from World Holdings about starting and completing my profile for this position. Please if you need anything more from me send me a message here or through linked in here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/davidmgladstone

        Honestly, my credentials are a perfect fit and I would really be thrilled to do it.”

        I would hate to be overlooked for this position, if I need to do something please advise.

        Thank you,

  2. This sounds awesome!! As a newer avid cruiser (and app developer (btw Parse is awesome)), I am looking forward to the app improving. It’s already come a long way!!

  3. I’m so proud of you Jirout Brothers!
    Hard work and believing in your product, pays off! I wish you continued success.
    I’d probably be a good candidate for this job, but couldn’t commit to full time. However, the ‘detailed’ part of your requirement, has my name written all over it!
    :)Debbie Craig
    Middleboro, MA

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