VIDEO: Terrifying Dive Into the Largest Saltwater Blue Hole in the World

Dean’s Blue Hole – It’s Closer than you Think

This underwater sinkhole is the deepest known saltwater blue hole in the world. It’s surface area is roughly 100 feet wide, but at the base… it’s triple that at around 330 feet! And I’m sure you’re wondering about depth. Well, it’s over 660 feet deep! If sea monsters exist, this is where they hang out.

You’re probably assuming that this Dean’s Hole is in some exotic location across the globe. It’s actually much closer than you think.  And, it’s in the vicinity of many cruise ports. Here’s it’s exact location in Long Island, The Bahamas.

Deans Blue Hole Location

If you zoom in on Google Maps, you can actually see the extreme difference in elevation.  Check out the image below or take a look for yourself on Google Maps – Dean’s Blue Hole Location.

Deans Blue Hole Satellite


Now please meet Guillaume Néry. With a name like that, you have to be interesting. He does not disappoint. Braving any aforementioned sea-monsters, Néry freedives into the freaky abyss.

Here’s the money shot.

Long Island Bahamas Blue Hole

This one is pretty sweet too.

Deans Hole Jump

Ok, enough teasing.

Here’s the full video of Guillaume Néry’s terrifying jump into Dean’s Blue Hole, located in Long Island, The Bahamas.

For our daredevil Ship Mates, I’m not sure that this is an option for excursions out of Nassau or Freeport. But, it’s worth a try – find a local with a boat and extra some free time. Don’t forget to take pics for our User Gallery.

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